a leading midwest electrical construction firm

When people visit new and renovated buildings in central Indiana,

chances are Barth was there first.

By being on top of central Indiana's electrical

contracting business, Barth is responsible for

designing and installing electrical systems in many

of Indianapolis's high profile buildings - Circle

Centre, Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Conner

Prairie Museum, and the Lucas Oil Stadium.

These are only a few of our thousands of projects.

We've left our mark on major warehouses,

landmark office complexes, stores of every type,

distribution centers, museums, schools,

government buildings, restaurants, hotels,

entertainment venues, industrial plants, residential

housing, and more throughout the state of Indiana.

So when you're shopping for an electrical

contractor, give us a call. Barth's promise to

deliver a successful job - on time and for a fair

price - is our commitment to you. We're on it.

our satisfied customers include...

barth electric company, inc.

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